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Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber,  Prof. Dr.

Faculty Member

G.-W. Weber is a Professor at Poznan University of Technology, Poznan, Poland, at Faculty of Engineering Management, Chair of Marketing and Economic Engineering. His research is on OR, financial mathematics, optimization and control, neuro- and bio-sciences, data mining, education and development; he is involved in the organization of scientific life internationally. He received his Diploma and Doctorate in mathematics, and economics / business administration, at RWTH Aachen, and his Habilitation at TU Darmstadt. He held Professorships by proxy at University of Cologne, and TU Chemnitz, Germany. At IAM, METU, Ankara, Turkey, he was a Professor in the programs of Financial Mathematics and Scientific Computing, and Assistant to the Director, and he has been a member of further graduate schools, institutes and departments of METU. Further, he has affiliations at the universities of Siegen, Ballarat, Aveiro, North Sumatra, and Malaysia University of Technology, and he is “Advisor to EURO Conferences”