Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences


The College of Engineering at Istinye University was established not just out of a need to educate and train the next generation of engineers for Turkey, but also a commitment and dedication to create a first-class institution of education and research in engineering. The founders of Liv Hospital, Medical Park and VM Medical Park hospitals have established Istinye University as a whole for the intention and goal of obtaining a permanent place among the most prestigious universities in Turkey and in the World. Our goal as the College of Engineering is nothing less than that, and furthermore, we are determined to be the catalyst of change and generator of the ideas and methods as Istinye University moves towards its ultimate goal.

Indeed, we have started very determinedly: The College of Engineering opens its doors to the students and faculty members this summer within 6 departments: Computer Engineering, Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Computer Science. The first 5 departments will deliver their curriculum in English, while the Computer Science Department will teach in Turkish. 

The faculty in our 6 departments will collaborate very closely in research and education. There are no walls between departments. We are a single College of Engineering with a dedicated faculty that with one another and also with all researchers and faculty at Istinye University.