Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences


About the Department

Chemistry is often referred to as the central science because of its role in linking the natural sciences with the applied sciences such as medicine, engineering, and life sciences. It is also the cornerstone of knowledge in biochemistry, environmental science, earth science and other fields. After all, everything around us is made of chemicals! Chemistry offers us opportunities to make new discoveries, develop new molecules and materials, and increase our knowledge of important processes. It teaches to think and analyze about the world around us.

Our newly established department is located on İstinye University at Vadi Istanbul campus and will start education in the fall semester of 2021-2022. The language of instruction is English. Our department, which will be the second of the chemistry departments in private universities in İstanbul, aims to educate individuals with high academic and social skills with the opportunities it offers.

In our undergraduate program, our students will not only take the courses in the field of chemistry they need, but will strengthen their knowledge with additional courses in molecular biology, pharmacy, economics, language, computer science and other fields. They will gain experience by finding the advantage of working in national or international projects and thus, they will be more advantageous in the labor market. In addition, during their undergraduate education, they will have the opportunity to participate in international exchange programs such as the Bologna process and ERASMUS and to spend some of their education at universities abroad.