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Molecular Biology and Genetics

About the Department


Molecular biology and genetics is a very important scientific field that studies all living systems by researching the basic molecules of life, starting from RNA, DNA, viruses, proteins, metabolites in microorganisms, plants, animals and humans. Molecular biology and genetics present solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of important problems such as single-gene and multifactorial hereditary features, cancer and aging with the application of high-scale omics and cell technologies. In addition, the cultivation of superior plants and animals allows the use of microorganisms in a variety of areas limited by imagination, such as the use of microorganisms to improve environmental problems.

With current technologies, living organism hereditary materials can be replaced with molecular scissors such as CRISPR-cas9 or prime editing, as appropriate, as well as gene transfers. Diagnosis and treatment of genetic and epigenetic features, formation of disease models in animal system, proper orientation of plant characteristics and production of desired secondary metabolites especially in plant and microorganism systems are the main research areas. After all, medicine, agriculture, animal husbandry, pharmacy and so on. Research projects exploring practical results can be carried out in these fields. The courses are supported by theoretical lectures, laboratory exercises, international and domestic internships and graduation projects while being taught by specialized academic staff in their fields. Starting from the student period, we provide many opportunities for raising qualified professionals who adopt scientific and ethical rules, and entrepreneurial competence. During the training, specialist national and international researchers provide training support through seminars and offer opportunities for students to work in their areas of interest. Department provides English education.