Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Molecular Biology and Genetics Laboratories

Plant Biotechnology and Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory (2B11)

Plant Biotechnology and Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory is a basic research and training laboratory used both for the laboratory practices of the courses and the research projects, in which plants are introduced to in vitro culture conditions and propagated through plant tissue culture technics (plant tissue culture is a technology that enables the reproduction of plants in aseptic conditions, under controlled light and temperature regimes, by transfering plant propagules obtained from healthy mother plants with high regeneration potential and which do not show any symptoms of diseases, on to artificial growth media) and plant tissue culture-based technics, such as slow growth storage and cryopreservation are applied for the conservation of plant biodiversity. Various research and student projects are carried out with faculty members who are experts in their fields.

Equipment: Vertical flow Laminar flow cabinet, incubator, plant growth chamber, Sterilizer (for forceps etc.) x2, Thermal Cycler (PCR), veritcal and horizontal gel tanks for electrophoresis and their power supply, water bath, microscopes, centrifuge, refrigerator, microwave oven, precision scale, magnetic stirrer, pH meter, micropipette set, gel imaging device, mini-spin, homogeniser.



Molecular Biology Laboratory (1B10)

Molecular biology laboratory is an education and research laboratory where basic and advanced molecular techniques are applied and high technology facilities that enable the application of current reasearch techniques are available. In the laboratory, in addition to application of basic techniques of molecular biology and genetics, such as DNA, RNA and protein isolation and characterization, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), simultaneous PCR, gel imaging and protein determination by western blot, advanced genomic and proteomic studies are also carried out. Undergraduate practical courses, graduation projects, or research projects supported by TÜBİTAK and BAP are carried out in this laboratory. Among the main research topics are; molecular cancer, drug resistance and design, immunology and rare diseases, gene expression mechanisms, protein engineering applications.

Our molecular biology laboratory, which has a separate sterile working area for cell culture studies, hosts many national and international projects with its expert staff.

Equipment: Thermal cycler (PCR Device), vertical laminar flow chamber, incubator , horizontal and vertical gel electrophoresis tanks and their power supply, gel display device, water bath, microscope, centrifuge, refrigerator, Microwave oven, precision scale, magnetic stirrer , micropipette set, mini-spin, vortex.