Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Modeling, Simulation and Extended Reality Lab

Computer modeling and simulation of medical applications are widely used tools today to shed light on clinical studies from an engineering perspective. In particular, these tools are used in surgical planning, diagnosis, diagnosis and future predictions of diseases. Its usage area is also expanding. In addition, showing these techniques as an aid to the courses in engineering and medicine teaching is among modern applications. In this context, education and research studies are carried out in this laboratory. The equipment includes powerful Linux, Windows and MacOS workstations, virtual reality headsets, 3D monochrome and bicolor printers, a 3D mouse and a haptic robotic arm. In our laboratory, applications such as medical image processing, 3D anatomy creation, medical device design, cardiovascular surgery planning and stent design are studied. Decision support mechanisms for diagnosis, diagnosis and treatment are developed by processing clinical images. Visualization of data with big data, physics-based virtual / augmented reality applications and human computer, human robot interactions are also areas of interest of our laboratory.