Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences


As the Faculty of Engineering, we attach great importance to the teaching of computer software and laboratory applications necessary for our students to have the knowledge and experience required by the age. Our Engineering Faculty laboratories are equipped with modern equipment and experimental setups. With our 14 laboratories and research assistant/research offices, a total area of ​​1500 m2 is reserved only for the Faculty of Engineering. In order to develop the interdisciplinary approach, laboratories for all our departments have been planned physically close to each other. Joint training and research areas have been established in which students and faculty members from all engineering departments can work together and whose application areas are Medicine, Robotics and Industrial Systems.

The purpose of our laboratories is to enable our students to gain practical experience, to introduce them to research and product development environments, and to provide environments where they can implement their projects. Istinye University Engineering laboratories are 24-hour living science and research cocoons for both students, research assistants and academicians, where ideas will turn into projects and projects into products in all fields of engineering.