Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Control and Robotics Laboratory

Robotik Laboratuvarı

It is a modern laboratory for our students who are interested in robotics programming platforms and artificial intelligence and want to develop today's robotics technologies in academic and industrial fields. Our goal is to enable our students to create intelligent systems by developing artificial intelligence methods and algorithms to be used in our laboratory equipment. Courses such as Control Systems, Introduction to Robotics, Control Theory and Electromechanical Energy Conversion are offered in this laboratory.

Capacity: 50 | Area: 128m²
Equipment: Autonomous Vehicle Parkour · Turtlebot 3 Burger · Dissassembled Robotic Design Kit - Level 1 - (STEM 1) · Dissassembled Robotic Design Kit - Level 2 - (STEM 2) · Delta Robot · Ball Balancing Robot · Stewart Platform