Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Modelling, Optimization and Simulation Laboratory

Optimizasyon ve Simülasyon Laboratuvarı

Modelling, Optimization and Simulation laboratory is used for research and projects in the areas of mathematical optimization, dynamic programming, real time systems simulation, predictive data analysis, computational methods, and financial engineering and for the curriculum courses.  In this context, it is aimed to contribute to the solution of practical problems that occur in the areas such as manufacturing, transportation, health, and finance.

This laboratory is used intensively for the courses such as Modelling and Optimization I-II, Machine Learning, Systems Simulation of the Department of Industrial Engineering, and it is open for use of all engineering departments. The laboratory contains optimization, data analytics and discrete simulation software programs such as MATLAB, GAMS, AMPL, Gurobi, IBM CPLEX Optimization Studio in addition to high-speed computers and workstations, is also planned to be used for scientific research projects, sectoral cooperation activities and various technical trainings as well as curriculum courses.

Capacity: 25