Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Strength of Materials and Measurement Techniques Laboratory

 Strength of Materials  and Measurement Techniques Laboratory was established to carry out research activities in the fields covered by subjects such as Materials Science, Strength of Materials, Statics and Dynamics. The laboratory contains many test devices,  where experiments of the courses in the Mechanical Engineering curriculum that are related to subjects above can be done and be compared with theoretical calculations.  In the laboratory, the yield, tensile, shear, torsional and fatigue stresses, strain, deformation and mechanical loads to various sample materials such as copper, brass, steel and aluminum can be measured.  In addition, testing dynamic elements such as gears, wheels and belts-pulleys and  static structures is possible  in the laboratory.  With digital microscopes, i all sample materials used in the laboratory can be examined, and computers display and record the test results in detail are also available..

 Equipment List
 - Universal (Vickers, Rockwell, Brinell) Hardness Tester
 - Spring Testing (Hooke's Law) Apparatus
 - Strain Gauge Trainer
 - Gear Trains Kit
 - Bench Top Tensile Testing Machine
 - Torsion Testing Machine
 - Rotating Fatigue Machine
 - Charpy Impact Test Kit
 - Statics Fundamentals Test Kit
 - Digital Microscope
 - Penetrant Non-Destructive Test Kit
 - Computers