Faculty of Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Message from the Head of Department

Nadi Serhan Aydın

Dr. Nadi Serhan Aydın
Head of Department

Industrial and Systems Engineering stands out as the engineering field which is ‘most’ open to cooperation opportunities with other disciplines and sectors including other engineering areas as well as medicine and architecture, which is ‘most’ human-oriented, and which offers the ‘most’ flexible career path for graduates. Industrial and System Engineers design integrated systems –that may or may not include a human component– and try to make them more efficient, reliable and sustainable, while increasing the quality of their output. In doing so, they benefit from their analytical, computational and experimental skills along with the holistic view, leadership and problem solving skills they acquire throughout their engineering studies.

As Industrial and Systems Engineering serves as a bridge between the office and site, its graduates must be equipped with both technical and managerial skills. With this understanding and while shaping the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Istinye University, we examined the strengths and weaknesses of many similar programs, both at home and abroad, to come up with the richest blend that will help us educate the Industrial and Systems Engineers of the future. In this context, with its rapidly developing academic staff and collaboration network, our program aims to provide its graduates with the most vital skills and competencies to become successful in a wide spectrum of possible industries.

With the increasing number of complex, multi-dimensional and interactive systems in sectors such as production, energy, health, IT, transportation and communication, the need for Industrial and Systems Engineers who are naturally eligible to perform many functions ranging from production planning to business/process development, from data analytics to risk management, and from investment planning to automation and quality engineering will undoubtedly increase. Therefore, if you would like to take your place in “the engineering programme of the future”, we welcome you to the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Istinye University.