Faculty of Engineering

Civil Engineering

Message from the Head of Department


Prof. Dr. Güven KIYMAZ
Head of Department

Civil Engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines and aims at facilitating the life for the society and in general making the world a better and more civilized place to live. With the increasing world population, fast depletion of natural resources and ever increasing environmental problems that we face today necessitates that the future Civil Engineer has the technical and professional preparation to overcome all these problems.Our aim is to provide our students with an education that emphasizes the development of secure and healthy social habitats with focus on environmental awareness and sustainable development. Our graduates will contribute to the betterment of life quality in cities in Turkey and in its geographical and cultural reach.

Civil Engineers undertake technical roles regarding the planning and project designing as well as the supervision and management of civil infrastructure projects such as highways, railways, buildings, bridges, airports, dams, water supply and waste management systems. From this viewpoint we have identified and adopted as major fields of interest, within our undergraduate course plan, four sub- disciplines namely Structural, Hydraulics, Geotechnical and Earthquake Engineering. Besides the courses related to these major fields we will be offering courses on other fields namely Transportation, Water Resources and Construction Management to cover a complete Civil Engineering program. Our students specialize under one of these fields by supplementing their course program with related elective courses in their field of interest.

After graduation, our students will have work opportunities in private or public institutions and organizations both in Turkey and abroad. Particularly relying on their four-year intensive education program in English language, they will be confident to carry out crucial projects worldwide. We have a firm belief that our students at Istinye Civil Engineering Department based on the high quality education and experience gained over the course of their undergraduate study will continuously be out there to contribute to build a better world.