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Aslı Kutlu

Aslı Kutlu,  Dr. Öğr. Üyesi

Öğretim Üyesi

Aslı Kutlu completed her undergraduate studies in 2012 at the department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Koç University. In 2012, she started her PhD at the department of Molecular Biology, Genetics and Bioengineering. Sabancı University, under the supervision of Prof. Uğur Sezerman. Her research studies are about the protein engineering application of cellulase and lipase enzymes from the perspective of both experimental and computation point of view. After receiving PhD at 2017, she works as post-doctoral fellow at Acıbadem Mehmet Aydınlar University, Department of Medical Statistics and Bioinformatics, School of Medicine, where she again joined to Sezerman Lab. During the post-doctoral fellowship, she mostly focused on the investigation of rare disease mechanism through molecular dynamics (MD) studies to elucidate the roles of novel mutations. In 2019 February, she started to work at Biruni University as Assistant Professor. Now, she has joined to İstinye University, the department of molecular biology and genetics. Still, her research studies are about the investigation of rare disease mechanism through MD studies and the identification of novel genes as potential biomarkers for Head-and-Neck cancer and Cholangiocarcinoma. Aslı Kutlu is the author of 6 articles and she is a principle investigator of TUBITAK-1002 project and a researcher in several BAP-projects.

Araştırma Alanları: Biyoinformatik, Protein Engineering, Protein Biochemistry, Bioinformatics Analysis, Medical Genetics, Molecular Genetics, Modeling and Simulation

Temel Alanları: Biyomühendislik,  Biyoteknoloji,  Moleküler Genetik,